Want A Job, Write Some Code

The Job Interview

  1. Build a simple application that has two screens, first screen has a button which when clicked displays a window or modal with an input form. The input form has a text field and an option select field. There are two buttons on the form, “ok” and “cancel”. when the user selects “ok”, return the data as a JSON object and render the values on the first screen.
  2. Build a sample application with two screens, first screen displays a list of objects and second screen displays the details of the specific object that was clicked. The data included in the sample application comes from Firebase so the developer must make an HTTP request to get the data for the list and the specific node data for the detail page.

Outcomes over Optics


from “2016 Course Report Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Study”



CEO Clearly Innovative Inc., www.clearlyinnovative.com + CEO Inclusive Innovation Incubator www.in3dc.com

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