Putting on the “work face”

Aaron Saunders
2 min readFeb 28, 2016
Daniel RomeroAll rights reserved

Quote from NYT article about researching teams at Google, From What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

What Project Aristotle has taught people within Google is that no one wants to put on a ‘‘work face’’ when they get to the office. No one wants to leave part of their personality and inner life at home. But to be fully present at work, to feel ‘‘psychologically safe,’’ we must know that we can be free enough, sometimes, to share the things that scare us without fear of recriminations.

The article was an interesting, but long… so to summarize…

Millions of dollars and time spent at Google to figure out how teams work effectively and it seems pretty basic… you want to be you, be accepted as you for all of your quirks idiosyncrasies and yes for your racial identity; yet far too often we hear of stories where people of color have felt obligated to do the exact opposite to fit in and and be accepted on the team…. Putting on the “work-face” is literally choking the creativity out of a large segment of our society lets do away with the “work face” for not only the benefit of teams but for society.

Maybe now that Google has validated it other will listen to the obvious.

Complete NYT Article: http://nyti.ms/20WG1yY