Podcast: In3Talks #9

In3Talks is a new series featuring Aaron Saunders, CEO of Inclusive Innovation Incubator, freely talking about the life of an entrepreneur and his mission to address the gaps and challenges of the underrepresented tech professionals, startup founders, businesses and entrepreneurs.

These sessions are unedited and come to you straight from Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) — 2301 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC.

A few changes first off we are trying to focus on a specific topic and keep the podcast closer to 15 minutes instead of 25–30 minutes. Please feel free to hit me up on social media with your thoughts on the new approach.

We are focusing on our coding initiative #TheFutureIsWrittenInCode where we provide technical training along with project based learning for Free thanks to the support of the Office of The Deputy Mayor of Economic Development Office here in Washington, DC.

More information on http://www.in3dc.com — #in3DC — #In3Nation



CEO Clearly Innovative Inc., www.clearlyinnovative.com + CEO Inclusive Innovation Incubator www.in3dc.com

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