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A Note From CEO Aaron K Saunders — June 4th is my birthday and I am asking for your support to fund summer youth STEAM workshops and adult technical #TheFutureIsWrittenInCode program.

Aaron Saunders
3 min readJun 4, 2019

At a young age I was fortunate to learn about coding. I eventually started a Clearly Innovative Inc with an emphasis on providing an opportunity for individuals with a non-traditional background an onramp to the tech ecosystem. We later added an education component ( formally known as Luma Lab ) to expose students to opportunities in tech industry. We have been running programming in the DC area for the last five years and have worked with over 800 students

Today, June 4th is my birthday I’m asking for your support to fund summer youth STEAM and adult technical programs. Your support will help us with programming at Inclusive Innovation Incubator (IN3) and Clearly Innovative Inc Education

Additional Program Information

The Future is Written in Code

Clearly Innovative Inc is a software development firm that has always focused on being a learning environment. We started the business by hiring non-traditional resources and training them to be mobile developers. Our CEO Aaron Saunders has two years experience as an Adjunct Professor at Howard University teaching at the college level. This combined experience is the foundation of the “Future Is Written In Code” Program. In3 offers these new advanced classes along three (3) tracks;

  • Introduction to Coding & Business {Business Canvassing, Entrepreneurship, Developing idea into App creation};
  • Introduction to Coding — Javascript, React, VueJS, Angular
  • Advanced Coding level 2 of Coding — only those who have past experience can enroll — React, VueJS, Angular.
  • Under the FiWiC program, we also implement a cyber security program by facilitating the sessions with experts in the field.

Clearly Innovative Education (formerly known as Luma Lab) is the tech education arm of Clearly Innovative. The mission of Clearly Innovative Education is to create a world where people from underrepresented backgrounds can have a seat at the digital table as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. For the past several years, our team has played an active role as an educator and advisor in STEM Initiatives ranging from software development classes, workforce training, hack-a-thons, pitch competitions and after-school/weekend and summer programs. Under the direction of CEO Aaron Saunders, we have formalized these programs with the creation of Clearly Innovative Education.

K-12 Entrepreneurship & Coding Programs

These are fun and challenging curriculums customized for each grade to allow students to discover the fundamentals of turning a mobile app idea into a reality, practice fundamental coding skills and have the chance to present their final creations. After the first program, students can take an advanced level specialized programs, with a focus on software development, Lean Startup Methodology or User Interface and User Experience. Clearly Innovative Education has taught over 800+ students in Washington DC Region over the past five years alone through summer camps and after-school programs and weekend workshops.

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We appreciate your contribution and support. This is our way of addressing inclusiveness and producing diverse tech skilled workers.

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