IN3Talks Podcast Episode #22


Inclusive Innovation Incubator is Closing Its Physical Location

There is a video version of this podcast available here that contains captions


IN3Talks #22 — Inclusive Innovation Incubator is Closing Its Physical Location, Our two sponsors DC Government and Howard University decided against moving forward with the program, so we are moving on. Thankful for their initial support but it is time for a new chapter; with Inclusive Innovation Incubator going online we can expand our reach beyond the region and clear up the constant confusion that we were part of Howard University… which we never were. We were always about the WHOLE Community,


  • Big Announcement, Closing Physical Location, Moving Programming Online
  • Let us know about the In3DC transition.
  • How your tech background has allowed you to transition online?
  • How are In3DC programs going to be customized for the online platform?
  • How do you plan on managing this new normal?

Tell us how you are?

  • Give us a brief about your professional journey- how did you get to In3DC
  • With your other company Clearly Innovative, how did you get your first client?
  • Why did you extend to In3DC?


Here’s how In3DC CEO Aaron Saunders plans to run the incubator online: