In3Talks #13 — Year End Summary

Aaron Saunders
2 min readJan 1, 2020


Podcast Reflections on the last few years as an entrepreneur, community builder trying to have impact on the Washington DC technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In3Talks #13 — Podcast Series — December 30th 2019

This year at Inclusive Innovation Incubator (IN3) we welcomed approximately 1,500 technologist, entrepreneurs & creatives for over 40 Inclusive Innovation Incubator branded programs.

In3Talks #13 — Video Series — December 30th 2019

Inclusive Innovation Incubator Program Brands

The Grow & Glow series is an integrated programming highlighting women and targeting women entrepreneurs, technologist and creatives. From leadership panels to entrepreneurship seminars and networking events.

The Future Is Written In Code series is technology training to support individuals looking to up-skill for better employment opportunities or looking for entry level job opportunities in the innovation economy.

The Inclusive Innovation Lab is for entrepreneurs to have their ideas incubated and receive the technology support needed for the tech-enabled businesses of the future. We leverage the years of experience from Clearly Innovative Inc in the web and mobile development space to provide technical guidance to complement the tradition business incubator programming.

In3Gaming is about programs, workshops and gaming events to raise awareness about the opportunities in the billion dollar video game, esports industry. I goal is to increase diversity, inclusion and opportunity through our programs

We look forward to doing even more in 2020.