In3 — Attacking the Digital Divide

image from The Network Journal Magazine — Winter 2016

“I saw the excitement and the energy and wanted to do something. So, we branded a separate part of the company called Luma Lab to expose Black and brown kids here in the D.C. area to entrepreneurship and technology,”

Above is a quote from a Network Journal Article in the Winter 2016 edition where I was quoted talking about the work we have been doing in Washington, DC for the last five years to address challenges with diversity, inclusion and opportunity for kids in the area.

So that is where it all started and it brings us to where we are today… The Inclusive Innovation Incubator is moving forward, the construction is making progress, see blog post below which contains images from the construction site.

We did a small video walking around the space to give a better feel for the size of the space.

We are always looking for sponsorship and support for this initiative. Please take a look at the website and sign up for updates to a project that is critical for creating opportunities for many and demonstrating that it takes real action and sacrifice to move the needle.




CEO Clearly Innovative Inc., + CEO Inclusive Innovation Incubator

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Aaron Saunders

Aaron Saunders

CEO Clearly Innovative Inc., + CEO Inclusive Innovation Incubator

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