I think this is great that you acknowledge the privilege, I know plenty of developers who can’t even get to one conference a year. Most of the larger conferences are on the west coast so if you are new in the industry, not well paid the the cost to go is simply a non starter.

To make this field better, IMHO, the conferences need to find a better way to make them less about the usual suspects all meeting up to chat about great things they have done year in and year out and more about introducing a more diverse group of people to conferences.

My first apple developer conference that I went to more than 20 years ago changed my life and perspective on a career in software development. This past year my daughter was able to go to a conference for the first time and it has reinforced her commitment to becoming a software developer.

It is unfortunate that going to conferences are considered a privilege when it is the conference itself that can actually increase the number of people that become more excited and committed to entering the field of technology.



CEO Clearly Innovative Inc., www.clearlyinnovative.com + CEO Inclusive Innovation Incubator www.in3dc.com

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